Robinson had been in a deer stand 65 times this season when

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canada goose He called him „Bingo.”‚When I first saw the trail camper pictures of him, „Bingo” was the first word that came to mind” he said.Robinson had been in a deer stand 65 times this season when finally he put his crosshairs on Bingo.”They feed, feed, feed on clover and chicory with occasional forays into radishes,” he said.Shots in the distance Canada Goose Sale caused the deer to go motionless, then they got back to feeding.With the light beginning to wane, Robinson heard other deer coming through the woods to the food plot.He put his binoculars on a respectful buck that was less than 10 yards into the field. It was standing broadside at 35 yards. It had long main beam and a broken G3, like a buck he’d captured on a trail camera. canada goose

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