Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia but I’m not much like

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Celine Replica But according to Professor Kamaldeep S Bhui CBE at QMUL, people with schizophrenia continue to be socially excluded and feared in response to the stigma and myths of mental illness and popular but often inaccurate portrayals in the media and on such click more films.I have schizophrenia: Here are 10 things I can’t live withoutHe tells me: fears, Celine Bag Replica we know people with schizophrenia are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators, and in a tiny minority, who are suffering with severe hallucinations and delusional beliefs, they can act on them and may harm themselves or others. Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia but I’m not much like the Joker or Hollywood’s lunatic axe murderer who escaped the asylum. Nor are any of the people with schizophrenia, who I know personally.Here are 10 common myths about this misunderstood illness:People with schizophrenia have a split personalityPerhaps the most Fake Celine Bags common myth but it’s completely false.The word ‚schizophrenia’ literally translated means ‚split mind,’ which has caused a lot of confusion.People with schizophrenia do sometimes experience delusions and hallucinations but they do not have two separate personalities.People with schizophrenia have the same physical health as everyone elseThe physical effects of mental illness, combined with the side effects of anti psychotic medication and lifestyle factors (such as drinking and smoking) mean people with the illness have a life expectancy of 14.5 years less than the general population according to a recent studypublished in The Lancet Psychiatry.People with schizophrenia can’t recoverThirty per cent of people with schizophrenia will have a lasting recovery and around 20% will show significant improvement.For me, I am one of 50% who have a www.celinequeen.com long term illness, with ups and downs.People with schizophrenia need to be monitored at all timesIn reality, even when I am in the midst of psychosis, I only see my GP or psychiatrist for a check up about once a week to monitor my medication and mental health.People with schizophrenia are violentIn fact, people with schizophrenia are far more likely to be a danger to themselves than others.People with schizophrenia all have the same symptomsNot all people with schizophrenia hear voices.The experience of schizophrenia can be different for everyone some people suffer from delusions, others from various Fake Celine handbags types of hallucinations.Some themes are common but, mostly, each experience is unique.It’s caused by drug useNot necessarily true!Nobody knows exactly what causes schizophrenia and it is likely to be the result of several factors including stress, childhood adversity, brain chemistry, genetics, birth complications or even harmful relationships Celine Replica.

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