27, 2017)More than 230,000 people along the Texas Gulf Coast

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Cheap Prada Abbott says it’s too early to speculate as to how much property damage the storm has caused, but he has expanded his disaster declaration to cover more counties.(Published Sunday, Aug. 27, 2017)More than 230,000 people along the Texas Gulf Coast are believed to be without power going into Sunday morning.Throughout the coastal region between Corpus Christi and Houston, many people feared the death toll was only the beginning. And they dreaded the destruction that was yet to come from a storm that could linger for days and unload more than 40 inches of rain on cities, including dangerously flood prone Houston, the nation’s fourth largest.In the island community of Port Aransas, population 3,800, officials were unable to fully survey the town because of „massive” damage. Cheap Prada

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